Varsity Coaches

2017: Eisenhower H.S. Varsity Coaches

Head Coach / Defensive Line: Chris Smith
Assistant Head Coach / Offensive  Coordinator: John DiGiorgio
Defensive Coordinator / Defensive Backs: David Brzezinski
Run Game Coordinator / Offensive Line: Chris Layson
Special Teams Coordinator / Linebackers: Travis Multhaupt
Running Backs: Brad Morris
Receivers: Phil Crum
Slot Receivers: Scott Debbs
Safeties: Jack Sauber
Strength and Conditioning: Dr. Aaron Lundgaard
Quality Control: Bob Sugamosto
Game Management: Gary Paja and Tony Popovski

Support Staff:

Cameraman / Video: Chuck Stepnitz
Cameraman / Video: Josh Viar
Shelby TV Host: Tim Meyer
Press Box:

Medical Staff:

Team Physician: Dr. Robert Popovsky
Team Chiropractor: Dr. Aaron Lundgaard
Team Trainer: Phil Crum

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